a sense of freedom came from three photographers from three continents shooting the same five rolls of film. linked only by our friendship and led by our instincts, we used multiple exposures on the same rolls of film as an experiment in synchronicity. each roll was exposed at three times the standard ISO rating and passed from shayne (Vermont, USA) to olaf (london, UK) and finally to ramya (bangalore, india). chance gave the images a fluidity and a sense of unplanned play.
as humans we are programmed to try to make sense of our surroundings. unexpected layered elements combine with unusual frames and borders to defy any obvious logic.
we can assemble parts of a story but we can’t complete the plot. It is a process so pure and void of any unnecessary judgement.

we let the journey take over, waiting to be amazed by the universe. it puts us back in touch with the innocence of creating. the subconscious makes connections in the photographic collage that we are not aware of. our sensibilities guided us from picture to picture. metaphors abound, as watery reflections become visual dreamscapes, words grafittied over grass and gravestones seem like private conversations from the other side.
the subconscious inner worlds which govern us can be blended together to create a oneness which speaks to us all.
~ ramya reddy, shayne lynn & olaf willoughby

{ the images below are a selection from the series}